• Herbal First Aid Intensive

    Presenter: Greta de la Montagne, RH (AHG)
    Original Date: October 27-28, 2018

    Join herbalist and Wilderness First Responder Greta de la Montagne for an intensive workshop on herbal first aid. Herbal First Aid has the advantage of using materials that are widely available such as kitchen spices, weeds, and wild plants. In this regard, having knowledge of useful remedies that are often close at hand can be empowering to communities, especially those facing economic challenges, a catastrophic natural disaster, or just simply those who wish to live closer to the earth with a focus on resilience and self-sufficiency. This two-day course will present strategies, remedies and routines gathered from two decades of working on the front lines in the forest defense and social justice movements, and administering off-grid first aid clinics at large outdoor gatherings. Geared toward the practicing herbalist or medical clinician, this class is also designed as an introduction to home health first aid for the lay person with no previous medical or herbal training.

    10.0 general CEUs approved by OBNM

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