• Nutrition for Elders through the Lens of the Microbiome

    Presenter: Andrea McBeth, ND
    Original Date: June 6, 2018

    The nutrition needs of people change as they age. Stomach acidity, tissue laxity, dentition, polypharmacy, and decreased microbiome diversity all present unique challenges to nutrient absorption. They also play a crucial role in the development and progression of common chronic diseases of aging like diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease, and bone health. In this presentation I will discuss how specific changes that come with age can be supported through nutrition and supplementation. I will also outline specific herbs and diet protocols that help support nutrient absorption and microbiome diversity.

    2.0 general CEUs approved by OBNM
  • Environmental Triggers, Hormonal System, and Healthy Brain Function

    Presenter: Tal Cohen, DAOM, LAc,
    Original Date: June 20, 2018

    Maintaining our well-being in modern times can be difficult. Several factors, such as stress, processing of food, bacteria, yeast, and environmental chemicals might challenge our ability to maintain our health. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, there are more than 80,000 registered chemicals in the United States. This lecture includes a review of common endocrine disruptors and their effect on the hormonal, neurological, and immune systems. This lecture also includes practical protocols with lifestyle, dietary changes, supplements, and herbs for clinical success, as well as case studies with lab review.

    2.0 general CEUs approved by OBNM
  • What Matters Now? How Medications Factor into Goals of Treatment

    Presenter: Stephanie Kaplan, ND
    Original Date: May 16, 2018

    Stephanie Kaplan, ND has been a primary care physician since 2001, and now focuses her practice on older adults, as well as those at the end of life. Over the years Dr. Kaplan had increasingly visited older people who have found it difficult to leave their homes for appointments. Those meetings sparked her passion to serve older adults and to embrace a home visit practice model as a geriatrician. Advocacy is a large part of Dr. Kaplan's work. She supports her patients in collaboration with their other health providers to find creative solutions for medical, social and psychological concerns. Her goal is to meet the individual needs of seniors with the diverse offerings under the umbrella of naturopathic medicine, including nutrition, movement, mindfulness, craniosacral therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, mindfulness, and medication management.

    2.0 pharmacy CEUs approved by OBNM

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