• Myth-Busting Essential Oil Safety

    Original Date: October 16, 2015
    Presenter: Amanda Lattin, MA, BA, RA, Dip.Aroma., MH

    Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular, as the age-old practice of utilizing aromatics and essential oils enjoys a renaissance in the perfumery, culinary, and complementary and alternative medicine fields. But vague language in the FDA regulations of essential oils leaves many practitioners and enthusiasts uncertain how to use these medicines safely. Join the Traditional Roots Institute and chemist and Registered Aromatherapist Amanda Lattin for an overview of essential-oil safety including adverse reactions, safety guidelines, and a review of oils with narrower and wider therapeutic margins. Amanda also discusses essential-oil uses including baths, diffusers, inhalation and topical applications.

    2.0 general CEUs approved by OBNM
  • Introduction to Clinical Aromatherapy

    Presenter: Presenter: Amanda Lattin, MA, BA, RA, Dip.Aroma., MH
    Original Date: October 17-18, 2015

    Join Traditional Roots Institute and Registered Aromatherapist Amanda Lattin for a comprehensive investigation of the science and clinical application of aromatherapy.

    Seminar topics include:

    • Plant biochemical synthesis of essential oils
    • The co-evolutionary chemical language behind plant secondary metabolites and its relationship to human physiology
    • Phytochemistry and mechanisms of action for commonly used essential oils
    • Scientific research on essential oils as anxiolytics and anti-MRSA agents
    • Case studies of clinical aromatherapy highlighting safety and efficacy
    • Cautions, contraindications and quality control

    This seminar offers and in-depth examination of the top 10 essential oils for clinical practice. Topics also include biochemical actions of the oils, the chakra/endocrine system correlation, and custom blending and specific protocols. This is an updated version of the class offered through Traditional Roots in February 2014.

    10.0 general CEUs approved by OBNM

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