The Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians 2013 annual conference. November 16 - 17, 2013.
  • The Key to the Remedy: Embracing the Unknown

    Original Date: November 16, 2013
    Doug Brown CCH, RSHom (NA), FNP

    Often we find ourselves thinking of a possible remedy early on in the interview. This is unavoidable, as we have in our heads so much knowledge of so many remedies; it would be a surprise if the patient’s story didn’t evoke our mental associations with keynotes and rubrics we have studies. But these associations, and especially our attachment to them, are the biggest obstacles to finding the remedy. In this talk I will explain why, and talk more generally about how our own fear of not knowing blinds us to what is in front of us.

    Learning Objectives:

    a) Understand the power of our own insecurity in prematurely concluding our case-taking;
    b) Recognize how, no matter how little we know or perceive, the correct remedy will always be waiting to express itself in the patient;
    c) Enhance the power to perceive how what is present differs from what one expects or desires.


    Doug Brown worked as a sociologist with Cornell University’s American Indian Studies Program before resolving to gain more practical skills as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Yale University. After more than a decade providing primary care, mostly to underserved populations, he became dissatisfied with the medical model and searched for a healing modality that recognized the intrinsic connectedness of mind and body. When he witnessed a miracle of healing by homeopathy, he was led to the Hahnemann College, and later to studies with Sankaran, Chaabra, Scholten, and other masters. He has taught extensively for the American College of Homeopathic Medicine in Phoenix, AZ, and the Seattle School of Homeopathy.

    1.5 general CEUs for NDs approved by OBNM
  • Restorative Wildcrafting in the Pacific Northwest

    Original Date: November 16, 2013
    Lisa Amerine, ND, DHANP

    2.0 general CEUs approved by OBNM
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    Cost: US$ 125.00
    The Case for Clarity

    Original Date: November 16, 2013
    Joe Kellerstein, ND, DHANP

    “The history of homeopathy is filled with examples of attempts at simplifying the method and making the practice easier. It is not to everybody’s taste to follow Hahnemann’s intransigent approach…Again and again they tried to find shortcuts and to compare disease entities and other theoretical abstractions to each other, instead of comparing the subjective individual symptoms.” 
    G Von Keller (Homoeopathy Simplified).

    Why would this have happened at all? In turning to my own experience in practice the first seemingly insurmountable obstacle to practicing in a Hahnemannian way was “how do I get sufficient high quality symptoms enabling a decisive totality.” An attempted answer is the creation of a new concept in Homoeopathic education. “Coaching the Essential Skills of Case Taking.” The course is an experiential training in the essentials of questioning for Homoeopathy with derivations from NLP and Clean Language (David Grove). This is a presentation of the thinking and principles underlying this effort.


    Joseph Kellerstein, DC, ND graduated as a chiropractor in 1980 and as an ND in 1984. He graduated with a specialty in homeopathy from the Canadian Academy for Homeopathy, and subsequently lectured there for two years. He also lectured in homeopathy for several years at CCNM; for eight years at the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine; and for two years at the British Institute for Homeopathy. Dr. Kellerstein’s mission is the exploration of natural medicine in a holistic context, especially homeopathy and facilitating the experience of healing in clients.

    3.5 general CEUs for NDs approved by OBNM
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    Hospital Homeopathy

    Original Date: November 17, 2013
    Les Moore, ND, DHANP, Lac

    This lecture will examine the history of homeopathy at Clifton Springs Hospital, the work of Henry Foster, MD, and my twelve year experience practicing homeopathy in a hospital in all areas, including outpatient, inpatient, cancer center, emergency department, behavioral health, intensive care, joint replacement center, veteran care, and addictions recovery center.

    Learning Objectives

    Participants will learn:

    • History of one of early pioneers of homeopathy and the hospital he founded.
    • The application of homeopathy in a hospital setting.
    • The use of particular remedies suited to some clinical settings.
    • How to set up homeopathy in hospital settings.


    Les Moore, ND, DHANP, LAc., practices in Pittsford, New York. He spent twelve years serving as the director of integrative medicine at Clifton Springs Hospital, built as a homeopathic and water cure sanitarium in 1850. Prior to that he was the founding practitioner in the Integrative Complementary Medicine program at FF Thompson Hospital and was the director of the Finger Lakes Center for Natural Health. He has served as a board member of the Board of Professional Medical Conduct, NYS Department of Health since 2005. He is the director of the American Academy of Homeopathy, located in the greater Rochester, NY area.

    2.5 general CEUs for NDs approved by OBNM
  • History of Vitalism: Roots of Homeopathy and Naturopathy

    Original Date: November 17, 2014
    Presenter: Will Taylor, MD

    Dr. Will Taylor is a world-renowned expert in homeopathic medicine. He continues to refine his practice of homeopathy and attributes influences of “old masters of the tradition, contemplation of success and failures in his own practice and a synthesis of contemporary teachers” to his evolving study. He has successfully treated a variety of conditions, from pediatric ear infections to autoimmune diseases to mental/emotional anguishes, using homeopathic remedies.

    Dr. Taylor has presented at numerous conferences, including events sponsored by North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania, the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society, as well as conferences in Germany and Bulgaria. He teaches the postgraduate program of the Czech Homeopathic Medical Society, and has published several articles in American Homeopath, Simillimum and the Czech journal Homeopathické Listy

    3.0 general CEUs for NDs approved by OBNM

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